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Families of fallen Canadians reflect on loss

Nathan Hornburg to question why the West stayed after it was clear al Qaeda had been routed in 2001 02."I think the Taliban got the message right away about not to shelter the al Qaeda training bases there," said Hornburg, recalling the bright September 2007 fall day when three officers came knocking on his door to announce that his "best friend" was lost to him."While I support human rights all over the world, in many ways I don't understand why our Canadian Armed Forces would be there to stabilize Afghanistan."Michael Hornburg, who used to read classic literature out loud to his son even into his teenage "Oxandrolone Powder India" years, said he Testosterone Enanthate Cycle Length tried to convince the boy to become a firefighter, or a cop, rather than a soldier. Their last 25 minute overseas phone conversation, the day before Nathan died, remains seared into his memory. "From what (Nathan) told us privately and said publicly, he wanted to go and provide a better way of life for women and girls," he said."He was always a very, very strong supporter in his life here in Calgary for the rights of women and girls, but I just don't know that was worth his life. You know? For a worthless ass piece of (the) Rigestan Desert."ANNE SNYDEROther families, including Anne Snyder whose son Capt. Buy Cheap Jintropin Online Braun Woodfield, 24, lost his life in 2005, wrestles with questions of political accountability and "Oxandrolone Powder India" wonders if the country was mentally and physically ready for war in Kandahar."I feel we sent an ill prepared, inadequately equipped, enthusiastic and honourable military team into an area that was beyond our scope and means," said Skaalrud, who lives in Airdrie, Alta. "Of course, from a parent's point of view, the loss of a child is something we'll never get over. "After the World Trade Centre attack, Testosterone Enanthate Powder there was no way the world could stay there and do nothing. I think it's a bummer I lost my son, but you know, I'm not the only one. Many people there did sacrifice."For him, it's not about the cause, it's about the kind of man his son was, and what he represents to others."We're so proud of the choice of career (that) Jack chose, and what he did with his life. He said, 'I'm going to do my job as a Canadian and I'm going to give all the support I can to the (Afghan) people.'"WAS IT WORTH IT?If there is something that binds all of the families together beyond their shared grief and sense of loss, it's the belief that despite the opaque, uncertain ending to this war, their loved ones stood for something more than themselves."To say that our involvement was not worth it would be to dishonour my husband and everything for which he stood and everything towards which he worked during 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron his long career," said Valerie Berry. "It hasn't been a perfect conclusion and there is still instability and Winstrol W Tabletkach Cykl conflict in the region and a lot more to "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" accomplish by the Afghans themselves but I believe that the quality of life has changed for the better for many people in Afghanistan, partly due to our involvement. Was it worth sacrificing lives? I suppose my thought is that we all die one day and if it is in serving one's country in the most honourable way possible, then one can ask for nothing more."The sense of conviction among each of the fallen is something Anne Snyder clings to as she talks her way through her pain."I don't want to think he died for no reason, and that's were I'm sort of thinking perhaps it was worth it to him," she said. "He did say he was doing the job he was supposed to do and he was being successful. He used to say to me, 'Don't be afraid, I am where I should be.'"While she may not believe it was worth it for Canada, Skaalrud, also fiercely proud of her son, described his desire to help the people of Afghanistan as honourable."Was it worth it? No. I don't believe it was worth Canada's human cost," she said. A previous version wrongly said Anne Snyder was from East Jeddore

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